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Russia Ha-Vinh Leuchter


Dr. Russia Ha-Vinh Leuchter is a developmental pediatrician, currently Senior Doctor in the Development and Growth Department of the University Hospital of Geneva. After training in pediatrics, she specialized in developmental pediatrics (Schwerpunkt) with an interest in both the normal development and its variations, as well as in developmental disorders. Since 2005, she has been involved in numerous research projects studying early development of the human brain, in particular the effects of prematurity, collaborating with Prof. P. Hüppi’s research group that applies quantitative and functional neuroimaging techniques to infants from birth onwards. She is currently leading a research project on the effect of a mindfulness intervention for teenagers born preterm, especially on their emotional regulation and cognitive abilities. Her second focus of research is understanding early crying behavior by understanding early sensory development of term born children and its relation to infant colics.
In her clinical work, she is a key element in the daily activity and the expansion of the “Centre du développement de l’enfant des HUG”. Her specialized clinical expertise includes developmental disorders at school age and early child behavior for sleep problems and crying in babies. She developed a clinical activity in both these two areas with strong collaboration with other specialists such as psychiatrists, neuropediatricians, and sleep specialists. She has recently engaged in creating an association for the specialized treatment of complex developmental disorders in collaboration with HUG (