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SwissPedNet – Translational & Clinical Research Session 3

11 June 11.00 – 12.00


SPN 13

Early diagnosis and treatment in children with autism
spectrum disorder: experience from Switzerland’s Italian
region. Riederer C, Pifferini R, Rizzi E, Glaser B, Zanda N, Soldini E,
Ramelli GP; Bellinzona, Manno

SPN 14

Does age influence self-perception of the soft-tissue
profile in children? Varatharaju V, Caflish M, Soroken C, Kiliaridis S, Antonarakis GS;

SPN 15

The importance of a comprehensive Primary Ciliary
Dyskinesia diagnostic center – Experience of the first 100
patients at the PCD-UniBe Diagnostic Center
Müller L, Savas ST, Tschanz S, Kieninger E; Bullo M, Casaulta C,
Latzin P, study group PCD-UniBe; Bern

SPN 16

Paediatric SARS-COV2 infections in Switzerland
Uka A, Zimmermann P, Ritz N; Fribourg, Parkville (AUS), Basel,
Melbourne (AUS)

SPN 17

Cardiovascular magnetic resonance predictive of outcomes
in paediatric pulmonary hypertension
Capello Mainardi C, Muthurangu V, Ferrucci E; Lugano, London

SPN 18

Epidemiology of COVID-19 in Swiss PEDiatric populations
and their families (ECOPED): quality of life in the diabetes
cohort Vural S, Kahlert CR, Roduit C, Lauener R, l‘Allemand D ; St. Gallen