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SwissPedNet – Translational & Clinical Research Session 2

10 June 13.00 – 14.00



Effect of COVID19 preventive measures on respiratory
infections and symptoms in children
Ardura-Garcia C, Mallet MC, Pedersen ESL, Berger D, Barben
J, Blanchon S, Casaulta C, Hoyler K, Jochmann A, Moeller A,
Mueller-Suter D, Regamey N, Latzin P, Kuehni CE; Bern,
St. Gallen, Lausanne, Chur, Horgen, Basel, Zürich, Aarau, Luzern


Acute abdominal emergency due to infectious enteritis:
a matched case-control study comparing Campylobacter
spp. to other enteric pathogens
Papathanasiou Terzi MA, Prod’hom G, Croxatto A, Andrey V,
Crisinel PA; Lausanne


Prevalence and clinical risk factors of severe hearing loss
in Swiss childhood cancer survivors
Strebel S, Mader L, Luzi F, Waespe N, Weiss A, Parfitt R, am
Zehnhoff-Dinnesen A, Kompis M, von der Weid N, Ansari M,
Kuehni C; Bern, Genève, Münster (D), Basel

SPN 10

Children with congenital heart disease after open-heart
surgery – A survey on developmental follow-up and early
interventions, along with an assessment of parental needs.
Ursprung PS, Knirsch W, Kretschmar O, Von Rhein M, Jenni O;

SPN 11

Consultation and communication with vaccine hesitant
patients: an expert focus group discussion study
Buhl A, Schmid Thurneysen L, Deml M, Tarr P; Basel, Bruderholz

SPN 12

5-years outcome in pediatric celiac disease in the era of
the non-biopsy diagnostic approach
Klöti S, Schaad J, Sokollik C, Spalinger J, Righini F; Luzern, Bern