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Oral communications 2

10 June 13.00 – 14.00


FM 7

A whole food plant-based diet parallel to treatment in
juvenile idiopathic arthritis – a pilot study on feasibility:
the NutriJIA-Study
Ngoumou G, Schroetter L, Klotsche J, Kandil FI, Stritter W,
Kessler C, Michalsen A, Kallinich T, Minden K, Seifert G; Berlin (D)

FM 8

Keep calm, it’s just about transition. Patients-based
evaluation of a multidisciplinary structured group
intervention for diabetic adolescents before transition from
pediatric to adult care
Perrin A, Bussien C, Castellsague M, Gastaldi G, Perrenoud L,
Schwitzgebel V, Caflisch M, Klee P; Genève

FM 9

Treatment of functional abdominal pain disorders (FAPDs)
with paediatric acupuncture: a case series
König N, Seewald H, Ogal M, Bildstein T, Marx G; St. Gallen,
Zürich, Brunnen

FM 10

Brain volume in patients with congenital heart disease
from childhood to young adulthood
Naef N, Ehrler M, Schlosser L, Wehrle F, Von Rhein M, Liamlahi R,
Greutmann, M, Kretschmar O, Latal B, Tuura O‘Gorman R; Zürich

FM 11

Children with developmental delay: regional distribution,
access to care, and utilization of early interventions in the
canton of Zurich von Rhein M, Grüebler E, Grübner O, Jepathavakumar D, Toumi L,
Jenni O; Zürich

FM 12

Pathognomonic thyroid hormone constellation as clue to
the diagnosis of MCT-8 deficiency in boys with global
developmental delay Beiner M, Schaller A, Rusca N, Grunt S, Lämmle A; Bern