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Oral communications 3

11 June 11.00 – 12.00


FM 13

Scabies Management in children in Switzerland
Stebler A, Pfister M, Buettcher M; Basel, Luzern

FM 14

Tularemia on the rise in switzerland – children compared
to adults Imbimbo C, Friderich P, Buettcher M; Luzern, Zürich

FM 15

Recent advances in meningococcal B disease prevention:
real world evidence from 4CMENB vaccination
Schaffner TO, Martinon Torres F, Banzhoff A, Azzari C, De Wals
P, Marlow R, Marshall H ,Pizza M, Rappuoli R, Bekkat Berkani
R; Münchenbuchsee, Santiago de Compostela (E), Marburg (D),
Firenze (I), Quebec (CAN), Bristol (UK), Adelaide (AUS), Siena (I),
Rockville (USA)

FM 16

From SARS-CoV2 tests to vaccinations and beyond: establishing a collaborative research network forprimary care
Pediatricians in Switzerland: Trück J, Seiler M, Berger C, von der Heiden R, Laasner U, BewerSilvestri A, Sidler M, von Rhein M; Zürich

FM 17

Child and parental well-being and concerns during the
COVID-19 pandemic: a longitudinal cohort analysis
Ehrler M, Latal B, Hagmann C, Kretschmar O, Wehrle FM; Zürich

FM 18

PEPS – Pediatric EPA Project for Switzerland: designing a
consistent curriculum from pregraduate education to the
specialist exam Schuler Barazzoni M, Pharisa C, Cont M; Lausanne, Sterzing (AT)