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Oral presentations 1

10 June 09.30 – 10.30


FM 1

Children with an autism spectrum disorder in the canton
of Zurich – evaluation of daily life, early interventions, and
need of support by professionals
Schneider N, Von Rhein M, Jenni O, Schaefer C; Zürich

FM 2

Utilization of medical cannabis in the treatment of autism
spectrum disorder in children – current evidence and
treatment experience
Ogal M, Seewald H; Brunnen, Zürich

FM 3

Parents’ vaccination information seeking behaviors,
satisfaction with, and trust in providers in Switzerland
Deml M, Ebi S, Jafflin K, Buhl A, Engel R, Picker J, Häusler J,
Wingeier B, Krüerke D, Huber B, Merten S, Tarr P; Basel,
Bruderholz, Arlesheim, Fribourg

FM 4

Health care professionals’ needs around vaccination in
Switzerland: a quantitative needs assessment survey
Lucas Ramanathan P, Baldesberger N, Lüthy A, Buhl A, Gisin M,
Koch R, Nicca D, Suggs LS, Huber BM, Dietrich LG, Deml MJ,
Tarr PE; Bruderholz, Basel, Lugano, Zürich, Fribourg, Bern

FM 5

Efficacy and safety of vaccines in children with rheumatic
diseases on immunosuppressive therapy – a systematic
review Keller M, Zimmermann P; Fribourg, Parkville (AUS)

FM 6

Management of acute demyelinating attacks in the
pediatric population: a Swiss consensus statement
Hofer S, Bauder F, Capone Mori A, Chan A, Dill P,
Garcia-Tarodo S, Goeggel Simonetti B, Hackenberg A, Kalser J,
Maier O, Schmid R, Strozzi S, Bigi S;
Bern, Luzern, Aarau, Basel, Genève, Bellinzona, Zürich, Lausanne,
St. Gallen, Winterthur, Chur